About us

PR Finance Group Limited (PRFG) is one of Australia’s leading providers of non-traditional finance solutions.

A public company incorporated in 2004 PRFG consolidates a number of brands, which have served thousands of Australians since 1999. We specialise in short term loans, cheque cashing and business loans; motor vehicle leasing and finance; and retail car sales and finance.

Our mission is to provide genuine products and services to customers that typically have difficulty sourcing traditional finance solutions from mainstream lenders (ie. banks), as they do not meet standard income verification and credit history criteria.

As a leading integrated finance company, we embrace the latest technology and systems to improve our economies of scale and customer service. We also work closely with industry regulators to ensure our operations are in accordance with Australian industry standards and best practice.

PRFG’s business strength is attributed to highly-skilled human resources, customer-focussed culture, diversity, integrity and originality.